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Short Cuts

Using short cuts makes development faster and more efficient. Below are list of short cuts available on API AutoFlow.

Cut, Paste, Delete Data

You can copy, delete, and paste data right from the data-type drop down.

API AutoFlow Data Cut and Paste

Paste Popup

When pasting, you will notice a text popup. That is the text version of API AutoFlow configuration you are pasting. You don’t have to worry about that for now.

API AutoFlow Paste Popup

! Tips

You can copy API AutoFlow config text from another solution and paste it in the popup.

Cut, Paste, Delete Actions

Actions can be cut, pasted, deleted using the edit icon on the top of the screen

API AutoFlow Actions Cut and Paste

! Tips

Copy using mouse

Action can also be copied using Alt + mouse drag on MAC or Alt + mouse drag on Linux