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Before going too far, we want to first get you familiarized with the API AutoFlow navigation.


[A] Left Navigation

Tabs to navigate around the product.

[B] Solution Canvas

Multiple flows are made to create a solution. To create a flow, simply drag and drop actions from [D] to the canvas. The details of the actions are available later in the document

[C] Action Setting

The setting pane for the selected action. To apply data to the action, simply drag and drop the data from [E] to the action property. The details about data simulation and mock data are available later in the document

[D] Action, Data Simulation

Find more information on Actions and Simulation

[E] Log, Environment Variable, Data, Help

Find more information on Log, Env variable, Data, and Help

! Tips

The API AutoFlow UI/UX is web-based best suited to run on Chrome.