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API AutoFlow is a simple and fast way to integrate and expose APIs. In fact, API AutoFlow is one of the most comprehensive integration product supporting even the industry-specific servers-clients such as Kafka, MQTT, AMQT, and Redis. For cloud users, you can think of API AutoFlow as an advanced application middleware or iPaaS.

For the developers, API AutoFlow is a no-code alternative to coding and scripting. It does not replace coding, but rather supplements by allowing the developed applications to be managed by non-technical teams.

API AutoFlow is available as a cloud, on-premise, and SaaS. The on-premise version being 70MBs and using minimal compute makes it ideal for running alongside existing legacy architecture to extend the capability.

At a high level, three key features are provided.

  • Integration: Over 3,000 built-in connectors
  • Automation: Over 150 actions to easily handle data
  • API Hosting: Create servers and endpoints to provide data and service


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