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Data Types

There are 8 data types and 3 data references. To change the data type by selecting from the drop-down.

  • Array: Array type represents a collection of elements
  • Bits: Binary
  • Boolean: Boolean type is true or false
  • Empty: Empty type is the absence of value
  • Binary in Hex: Hex representation of Binary
  • Number: Number type represents numeric data
  • String: String type represents textual data
  • Object: Object type represents a collection of properties referenced by an identifier
  • Reference: Pointer to data. Get value from a variable or mock data (refer to data reference)
  • Table: Get value from table
  • File: Get value from File

API AutoFlow Applying Data Types

! Tips

Copy, Paste, Delete Data just like with actions. The feature is useful when applying the same data structure to many different actions.