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Persistent connections to external services can be created and managed using API AutoFlow.

Currently, supported protocols are

Create Connection

Creating a new client

Connections can be created by clicking on the [Create New] button. Each type of client requires different sets of information.

Create Connection

Currently, the name has to be unique across the solution configuration to avoid confusion. This may be relaxed in the future.

Managing clients

Once connection has been created successfully, following connection item is added to the connections list view. Connection

Click on the newly created connection to go into its configuration view. Connection

The connection configuration view shows its settings that can be modified as well as the events that it handles. For TCP Client, “connected”, “disconnected”, and “received” events are shown above.

Configuring clients

You can click on an event to configure its flow. You can also configure the events from the solution page as below. Connection

Interacting with the clients

TCP related connection or communication actions can be used to interact with the connection. Connection


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