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Course 1: Getting started with API AutoFlow

2 min read · 6 min video

Lesson 12: Debugging Using Logs

Lesson Outline

  1. Action Error
  2. Apply Data/Log Action

1. Action Error

When an error occurs with an action, the action is alerted in RED.

In the below example, the action integer to string is expecting an integer but got a string value of Hello World.

Expected Integer for “integer” but received non-integer value: “Hello World”


2. Apply Data/Log Action

In most cases debugging happens with simulated data. That is because flows are made to handle the input data and generate the desired output.

Apply data/log action anywhere in the flow to print the data.

In the example below, note that two data/log actions are applied.

  • The first data/log 1 log the data and shows hello.
  • The second data/log 2 log the data after the string/upcase has been applied and shows HELLO.


Note that the data printed is what the data/log action received where it is applied.

Download Debugging Using Logs configuration

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