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Course 1: Getting started with API AutoFlow

4 min read · 16 min video

Lesson 2: Navigation and Hello World!

Lesson Outline

  1. Overall how to navigate and use the product
  2. Create a Hello World solution together

How to use API AutoFlow

API AutoFlow is divided into five (5) panes.

Navigation Panes

  • [A] Navigation (Left): Tabs to each section. Components are created in the sections for use in the solution.
  • [B] Solution Canvas (Center-Top): Center-Top is the workspace where most of the creation is done.
  • [C] Settings (Center-Bottom): Setting pane for the selected actions, servers, and endpoints.
  • [D] Actions & Simulation (Right-Top): Collection of the actions that users can drag and drop to the Solution Canvas. Data simulation is used to create mock data for each flow.
  • [E] Data, Log & Help (Right-Bottom): Snapshot of the selected action’s data received. Logs for flows with action data/log are applied. Help when the question icon is clicked.

How to make a solution

Let’s create a Hello World! solution

1. Click on the Solution tab on the left navigation pane 2. Create an HTTP server by clicking on the drop-down

Create Server

3. Create an Endpoint by clicking on the same drop-down and selecting the server just created

Create Ednpoint

4. From the right pane, click on the Actions tab.

Action tab

5. click on the data category.

Data category

6. Scroll down or search for set action and drag and drop to the solution canvas.

Action Set

Note: dataset action simply sets a value to the solution flow.

7. Turn on the development mode to visualize the data

Dev Mode

8. In the settings for the action, enter Hello World! in the properties and in the output enter response > body

Actions Setting for Data Set

Download Hello World! configuration

Learn how to use configuration

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