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Course 1: Getting started with API AutoFlow

2 min read · 8 min video

Lesson 5: Master Iteration (loop) to Create Complex Solutions

Once you have a good understanding of loops, you can build a wide range of solutions.

The good news is that loops are relatively easy to understand. There are just a few things that you need to remember

  1. Loop iterates over a list (array)
  2. You apply actions to each item on the list

So, if you want to apply the same action to each item on the list, it helps to have all the items to be in the same format (a.k.a structured data).

Lesson Outline

  1. Apply Interation action to the flow
  2. Set the array to loop over
  3. Apply actions to the conditions

1. Apply Interation action to the flow

From the right navigation, select the iteration category.

Action Conditional Select

Drag and drop the filter iteration to the flow.

The filter iteration only passes value when true. So, inside the iteration, we will need to put a boolean condition to filter our result.

Action Conditional Select

Simulation data

To help with the solution building, let’s simulate an array with ["name", "gender"]. We will create an iteration to filter just female.

Click here to learn more about data simulation

Action Conditional Select

2. Set the array to loop over

Drag and drop the request/body that we just simulated to the iteration action.

Action Conditional Select

Understanding output

To apply actions on items, it helps to reference the index and the value of the iterated items. The final output is the result.

Note. The filter iteration action only passed when the value is 1 (true).

So, as the iteration goes over each of the items, we need to make the value into 1 to add it in the final result

Action Conditional Select

3. Apply action to the conditions

The condition can look for the word female. There’s perfect action for that called string/contain.

String/contains action checks if the data contains a certain string and output 1 for true and 0 for false.

Action Conditional Select

Drag-and-drop the string/contain action inside the iteration.

Action Conditional Select

Again, the iteration checks the value of each item from the array. In the right bottom pane, you have access to the value.

Note: Only the first value from the array is shown for reference.

Drag-and-drop the value to the action’s properties.

Action Conditional Select

Next input the content that we want to filter. In our case, we are looking for items with the string "female".

Output needs to be value since the iteration looks at the value for true or false.

Action Conditional Select

Click on the small square outside the iteration. After the iteration is complete, it will output result with the value 1 (true).

Below, we have filtered the items with string female.

Action Conditional Select

Download Master Iteration (loop) to Create Complex Solutions configuration

Learn how to use configuration

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