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Course 2: Creating solutions for your project

Lesson 1: Putting it All Together in a Full Stack

Becoming a full stack developer can sound overwhelming having to learn both the front and the backend. The good news! is that you already learned how to create the backend, which in most cases is the more difficult.

Now, all we need to learn is how to put it all together. Each of the lessons in this course will go through each in detail. But, we thought it would be good to go through one comprehensive tutorial on setting up the entire application in one video.

The video is 30 mins long and it goes through step-by-step installation, configuration, and publishing.


Talking about building a solution, you have all the resources Tutorials, Templates, and Support to successfully build the solution for your use case. And they are all free! No more excuses for not doing it. :)

What we are building is the basic architecture described on the overview page. A full stack application in most use cases comprises of below three components.

  1. Frontend
  2. Backend
  3. Database

Application Architecture

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