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Documentation layout

The documentation is divided into 5 sections.

1. Getting started

A quick guide on how to build your solution.

2. Key Concepts

Explanation of key concepts and how they are used

3. Actions

List of all actions and how they are used

4. Best Practices

Smarter ways to use API AutoFlow

5. Trouble Shooting

Collection of common mistakes and solutions

The content of the documentation is searchable using keywords. A search engine is located at the top of the page.

Cloud vs. Install

API AutoFlow is available as a Cloud (SaaS) service as well as an Installable that you can deploy in your environment.

Install version has more features that are related to your environment.

[ i ] Those features available only in install version labeled with a [ i ] next to the title.

[ c ] Those features available only in cloud version labeled with a [ c ] next to the title.

How to contribute and make changes to the documentation

If you had difficulty understanding or following certain parts of the documentation, more than likely someone else would go through the same.

Follow the README instructions.

Make changes on GitHub

or email your proposed changes to

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